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Own New can help home builders to sell more homes by making better new build mortgages accessible to a wider range of people.

Own New enables:
  • 95% LTV mortgages for new builds
  • Competitive rates
  • Broader eligibility meaning more people can buy properties

How it works

Own New enables 95% mortgages for new-build homes anywhere in the UK.

The platform reduces the risk for the lender, enabling better mortgages for new builds to a broader range of people. The buyer gets a normal mortgage and owns 100% of their home, encouraging responsible lending to people with low deposits or non-standard circumstances.

People who have recently been furloughed, are self-employed or are yet to establish a credit score, can apply for a mortgage with Own New. For others, it can improve affordability so they can afford a larger or upgraded home.

Own New is designed to open up the market to more buyers, increasing demand for your homes.

A simple solution

Own New is the platform that makes new build mortgages better.

Your customers apply to the lender for a standard mortgage through the normal process. Own New reduces the lender’s risk behind the scenes, enabling mortgages for purchasers with a small deposit.

Joining the scheme is easy and our marketing materials will help you to explain the scheme to your customers.
Own New is available to first-time and next-time buyers. It’s available on flats, apartments and houses, low and high-value properties and there are no regional price caps.

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It’s easy for builders to join the Scheme at no cost. On completion of a sale, the builder pays a small one-off fee to Own New.

Supporting home builders

Own New provides another reason for buyers to choose a new home. It is available on all new-build properties in the UK built by our partner developers.

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It’s easy for Housebuilders to join the Scheme at no cost. On completion of a sale, the builder pays a small one-off fee.

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